woman looking at pregnancy test

(From WIC Connecticut)

WIC local agency staff knows that you want the best for your baby.  We are here to support you during this exciting time in your life.  The sooner in your pregnancy that you come to WIC, the more time we have to get to know you and your dreams for your little one. 

We are here to serve you!  As an expectant mom, you will get free nutrition education from WIC nutritionists and get referrals for other important services and programs that you may qualify for. As an added bonus, you can save money every month by using an eWIC card to buy healthy foods. 

What to Expect When You Come to WIC?

   ♀ You’ll be asked to give information on your health and eating habits, blood work results (to check your iron status) and take updated weights throughout your pregnancy.
   ♀ Your WIC nutritionist uses this information to:
   ♀ Check in with you to make sure you see your doctor regularly throughout your pregnancy.
   ♀ Provide chances to monitor your weight during pregnancy so that you’ll know how much weight gain is right for you to avoid problems during delivery and have a healthy weight baby.
   ♀ Talk with you about what foods to choose more often so that you can give your baby a healthy start even before he or she is born.
   ♀ Remind you what foods to watch out for that may be harmful during pregnancy.
   ♀ Provide support and referrals if you need help to not smoke or use any alcohol or drugs during your pregnancy to protect your unborn baby and yourself from dangerous side effects of these substances.
   ♀ Support and encourage you in your choice to breastfeed your baby.