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(From Connecticut WIC)

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!  Joining or sticking with WIC now is a good way to work with WIC’s team of nutrition professionals who are focused on your success as a new mom. We know you are the expert on you and your new baby, but WIC wants to be a trusted source of information to you at this important time in your life.

What to Expect When You Come to WIC?

You can expect us to listen to your hopes and dreams for your new bundle of joy!  We need to know this to serve you better.  As a new mom, you will get free nutrition education and get referrals for other important services and programs for which you may qualify.  By signing up for WIC after you have your baby or staying on the program, you can save money from your food budget, and help your body recover from pregnancy by using your eWIC card to buy healthy foods.  

   ♥ You will be asked to give information about your health and eating habits, blood test results, and your weight from your postpartum doctor’s visit. (Usually 6 weeks after you have your baby)
   ♥ Your WIC nutritionist uses the information to:
   ♥ Check in with you to make sure you see and follow up with your doctor for preventative and postpartum health care.
   ♥ Give you tailored information on how to get back to your pre-pregnancy or goal weight.
   ♥ Share with you what foods and drinks to choose more often that can give you energy during this important rebuilding period.
   ♥ Work with you to identify what foods and lifestyle choices may keep you from meeting your goals.
   ♥ Provide support and referrals if you want to stop smoking.
   ♥ Support you as a confident, successful new mom.

Breastfeeding Support

Woman breastfeeding infant

WIC staff promotes and supports breastfeeding as the natural way for infants to be fed.  Breastfeeding is healthy for you and your baby.   We are here to listen and answer any questions or concerns you may have and to support your breastfeeding. Many WIC Nutritionists, are also are Certified Lactation Counselors or (CLC), and can work with you on reaching your breastfeeding goals. 

CLC is a person who finished a special training program; based on scientific facts.  To get a certificate the person must pass a test and show she can give moms safe and correct breastfeeding support and information.

What to Expect When You Come to WIC?

By breastfeeding, you are providing all your baby‘s needs for food.  WIC gives you extra support and WIC foods to make sure you are confident, successful and to thank you.  All breastfeeding moms can get WIC services for up to one year after they have their baby.  Some benefits are basic breastfeeding support, referrals for more breastfeeding care and healthy foods. 

WIC staff may refer you to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or back to your doctor or health care provider for more skilled breastfeeding support.  An IBCLC is a person who is an expert in medical lactation issues.  She has passed a worldwide test, must keep up with new science and has many hours of experience helping moms and babies breastfeed well.

If you choose to exclusively (only give breast milk) breastfeed your baby, you’ll receive the largest food package WIC has to offer.  The foods listed on your Family Benefits List-canned fish, extra beans or peanut butter and more money for fruits and vegetables, were chosen to give breastfeeding women healthy choices from all of the food groups. 

When you come to appointments, we will ask you for information on your health and eating habits, blood work results, and an updated weight from your postpartum checkup.   

Your WIC nutritionist uses the information to:

   ♥ Listen to your concerns and questions about your baby’s feeding schedule and your health. 
   ♥ Offer breastfeeding support that fits into your life and schedule.
   ♥ Ensure you’re receiving ongoing healthcare.
   ♥ Work with you, so you can get back to your pre-pregnancy weight and offer you tips on healthy ways to reach your weight-loss goal.
   ♥ Present options to you for a plan about (eating, activity or lifestyle) that meets your needs and schedule.
   ♥ Offer referrals for groups or programs that may benefit you or your family.