Pediatric Behavioral Health

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CIFC Health's Pediatric Behavioral Health team has decades of experience treating children and helping them to better cope and overcome their behavioral health issues. At CIFC Health we know that it can be hard to determine whether your child is dealing with behavioral health issues or just experiencing normal childhood emotions. While there is no magic formula to determine whether or not you should seek treatment, a general rule is whether or not your child's behavioral health, often referred to as mental health, is negatively affecting their lives and becoming a barrier to their greater success. Sometimes children have issues that are temporary and can be dealt with using appropriate coping mechanisms and counseling, while other issue may signal chemical imbalances that can be controlled with medication and therapy. 

The first step to treatment is calling CIFC Health to make an appointment for an initial intake assessment. After this initial assessment, your child's provider will be able to suggest next steps and a treatment plan if they believe it to be necessary. 

At CIFC Health, our pediatric Behavioral Health department sees patients at the CIFC Health building as well as at our School Based Health Centers inside many local area schools. This means that students can see a licensed behavioral health specialist without leaving the school, thereby minimizing the class-time they miss. Ongoing treatment can also continue at the school, eliminating the need for a parent to pick their child up and bring them to the appointment. This is a win/win for parents who don't miss work and kids who don't miss class. For all medication services, referrals will be made to the 120 Main St facility. 


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Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication Management
-120 Main St site only, not available at SBHC