Notes From the Early Learning Program Director

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Tiny footprints taped to tile floor in classroom

As we begin the annual “Back to School” transition, there is great excitement for the beginning of a new year of growth and learning. CIFC Early Learning Programs are comprehensive, child-centered, and prioritize total growth and development. We recognize that each child is unique with individual personalities, temperaments, interests, and cultural backgrounds. Our professional team of educators provides a curriculum that is rich in activities to promote the cognitive, linguistic, social/emotional, and physical development of every child at their individual rate of development.


The cornerstone of CIFC ELP is parent involvement.  You are your child’s first teacher, and you know your child best.  We are here to share in the joy of your child’s growth and development and support you with any concerns you may have and to provide you with related resources.  Listening to and working with parents enables us to develop individualized plans that will enhance your child’s growth and ensure a positive and successful early learning experience. Parents are encouraged to become involved on every level. There are opportunities to volunteer in the classroom, assist in planning, participate in special events, develop policies through the Advisory Committees, and participate in program governance by serving on the Head Start Policy Council.


This is a very exciting time, and we look forward to sharing it with you!