CIFC Health Residents work in collaboration with Danbury and Griffin Hospitals to acquire greater understanding of the causes and treatments for a wide range of common and not so common, diseases and illnesses. This includes chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as common infectious diseases such as Lyme disease. The goal of our research component is to generate new findings that will reduce the burden of disease for all of our communities, including reducing racial, ethnic and economic disparities in health outcomes.

Residents are encouraged to participate in CIFC Health's Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Program. Integrating the Residents into this multidisciplinary team leads to improvements in quality and efficiency in patient care while enhancing Resident education. Residents will be engaged to address important institutional Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) initiatives that, in turn, can provide the attending physician of the future with invaluable training and experience in QI and PS.

Equally as important, CIFC Health encourages and supports residents to pursue their own research projects within their area of interest. Ultimately, immersing residents in community medicine research leads to better clinical practices and better care for all patients, especially those previously marginalized.

More About Our Curriculum: